Barbara Coppo The Boy in the Window

Barbara Coppo, Author

A journey through an unexpected tragedy

Barbara Coppo takes the reader on an emotional journey through her life with an adult son who suffers from autism.

Kenny suffers from brain damage, seizures, and a condition called autism. Professionals encouraged institutionalization for Kenny and said that his autism would only worsen with time. They warned the likelihood of non-verbal, autistic individuals to improve socially or any other way was discouragingly remote.

Not believing her son was without intelligence, in spite of his aggressive and intolerable behaviors, Barbara searched endlessly for therapies, hoping her son would improve.

Through facilitated communication, at the age of 17, Kenny revealed a wonderful gift showing his mom, and the world, that he is an intelligent person who not only knows what's happening in his surroundings, but he can also see far beyond you and me.

Throughout the challenges and disappointments, his parents refuse to give up hope. And now in their sixties, live with the burden of Kenny's future without them. Any parent that has a child with a disability will see themselves somewhere in these pages. "The Boy in the Window" is truly a story of unconditional love and unyielding courage.